Tucson Tree Service

Did a tree fell on your house or driveway? Do you want to make your surrounding trees more attractive? Need your grass to grow more efficiently or want to prevent danger before the storm season hits your area? For all this and more, you need a remarkable tree service.

We provide all such jobs with experience and professionalism. Our company is licensed, insured and bonded for all inclusive tree service in your area. We specialize in tree care and maintenance services for both residential properties and commercial businesses. Our ultimate motive is to remove trees with as much efficiency and safety as possible. We take care to remove the particular tree precisely and not to damage other neighboring trees, homes, vegetation or some other personal property.

Tucson Tree Service

Our workmen know how to undertake this job and are factory trained to do so. They typically rope off a tree in sections and bring it to a more manageable size by cutting its branches off. From tree pruning to stump removal and emergency after storm clean up to residential tree removal, our experts can work with you for a comprehensive range of services. Our arborists are qualified enough to perform complex and challenging tree removals as well.

Services We Offer

Every tree service project varies extensively. Sometimes it is merely tree trimming whereas other times homeowners need a complete tree removal. We understand the urgency of each situation and the expertise involved in each specific job as well. No kind of tree service is too big for our trained and certified employees.

Tree Pruning

Although there are a variety of reasons that may compel homeowners to get a tree trimming done, aesthetics is usually the most common reason we hear from our customers. Regular tree pruning is the best way to improve the overall shape and appearance of any tree. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you get your trees trimmed more than often and bring them in unnatural shapes. Our professional arborists know exactly how much trimming or cutting a particular tree needs so as to not get damaged.

They will only chop off broken or dead branches to prevent any unforeseen injury and will consider the health of your tree as a deciding factor while pruning.

Tree Removal

We understand that nobody wants to cut down trees. But there are times when certain disease or overgrowth can pose a threat to people or surrounding structures. And tree removal seems the only way out of this danger. You obviously don’t want to endanger your entire yard. This is when we can come to your rescue. We have all the necessary equipment and know-how needed to safely perform tree removal anywhere across the city.

Emergency Storm Clean-Up

Trees can cause some serious damages to property when ice storms and damaging winds hit in your area. It can often block the entrance to your home. Only trained professionals can remove hazardous trees in the safest way possible. They take care of all the preventive measures to make certain that no additional damage occurs to your property. The team will cut down the trees into more workable pieces and use our fleet of trucks to throw the debris in. After the job is done, you will not even realize that it was the same place where storm wreaked havoc not long ago.

We also perform stump removal, tree preservation services, stump grinding and more.

Why Should You Choose Us?

The goal of our company is to make sure our customers don’t live under any sort of potential hazards from the trees on their property. We also help them improve the aesthetics of their surroundings through proper tree care and maintenance. We make every possible effort to maintain the highest standard of quality work on each project we undertake.

We have climbers and crew leads that have undergone industry based training to safely climb up and work on any tree. We look forward to ensuring great customer experience because we understand how important it is to satisfy customers in any industry. All our crew members have a professional approach towards their job and deal courteously with our customers. They consider it their responsibility to convey each step of the process to customers at length.